Highschool of the dead is coming back

Highschool of the Dead, the deeply polarizing manga and anime that saw a massive surge in popularity back in 2010 when the anime first aired has been on an indefinite hiatus while creator Daisuke Satou was supposedly ill (can’t find a source for this, hence the supposedly). After the delay, it seems that the manga is now set to restart very soon, although no firm date has been set. Colour editions of both the fifth and sixth volumes of the manga are slated to release on the 9th of February in Japan, with the ‘restart’ of the series coming at some point afterwards.

I suppose this is good news for a lot of people; despite my own personal views on Highschool of the Dead (i.e. it was a cheap waste of good potential), the series remains as popular as ever, so for anyone who’s been itching for more boobs and zombies and boobs then you haven’t got too long to wait. Although there’s been no word on any anime adaptation of the upcoming manga thus far, it seems highly likely that it’ll happen sooner or later.

I apologise if this news has spoiled your day first thing in the morning. Unfortunately I don’t make the news.